Helping young people to live better with themselves, with others and the planet

We are delighted to be participating in The Big Give’s 2020 Matched Giving Christmas Challenge, an exciting opportunity for us, and for our generous supporters – old and new – to have their donations matched. 

We are fundraising to give young people wherever they are – from Manchester to Cape Town – the chance to build their ‘Resilient Futures’ by participating in a Routes to Resilience programme that empowers a new generation to identify their passion, purpose and productive contribution to drive a sustainable future.


Thank you for helping us to help them, so they can help us all. 


Participants in the programme experience a deep transformational change, seeing new possibilities in themselves and their surroundings. They are empowered to develop an intentional resilience, with the strategies and opportunities they need to live better with themselves, with others and with the planet. In short, they graduate ready for their future, ready to drive and lead the change that is so urgently needed.

The 2020 Christmas Challenge launches on Giving Tuesday, 1st December, and runs for a week. All donations will be matched that week.

We’re asking you, our good friends and supporters, and you, our new connections and contributors, to donate your commitment so that we can harness your kindness and intention in order to build a wave of resilient futures.